went down to fish the first aba solo series of the year. went up the river and fished backwaters the first day of practice, got a few bites flipping around but VERY crowded. went down the lake on second and last day of practice, fished shallow till 1230 and caught a couple. 1230 i started fishing off shore brushpiles, points and drops and caught em pretty good and felt like i had a pattern that i could reproduce. day1 of tournament, run down the lake and start on a place, caught a limit pretty quick and worked it over pretty hard with almost every bait you can think of and caught fish on just about all of them, problem was the size! started running the pattern i thought i had figured out and mixing in some shallow flipping. ended up culling several of the smaller spots for largies flipping and never got another bite deep. ended up with almost 9lbs. day2, decided to gamble a little and throw a buzzbait around some, caught one about 3lbs but that was it. started running around flipping some but got no love, ran back down to the best deep drop i had found and finished out a limit with small spots. spent the rest of the day flipping cover  and mixing in a few deep places trying to upgrade but never did. ended the day with 8lbs and a 54th place finish out of 140, not good!!

eufaula is NOT the big bass capital of the world anymore, that place is in TROUBLE!!! with the exception of 2 every largemouth i caught(and i caught a bunch) were little and skinny.