fished the monday evening derb out of chester frost, looked at a few places on the way down from soddy, no real groups of fish, just scattered here and there.


startedon the swimming pool hole but got no love, jumped over to a point that had some scattered fish on it but still no love. went to a ledge that also had some scattered fish but had a TON of bait around. first cast i caught a 4+ on a spoon. beat around for a while without any love, repostioned the boat and caught a couple of little ones on a spinnerbait. put the boat back where i started and caught another 4+ and lost one that felt pretty good shortly after. and that was it. ended up with 9.20 for 2 fish for 2nd place and big fish. 9.30 won!

side note, found a 6-8 white perch in my livewell afterwards that was spit up by one of those fish, wouldve won the tournament for me…………….smh