went down to fish the ABA out of marion park. made the run up the river, threw a buzzbait for a couple of hours, caught a limit of small spots and had one good largemouth bite that didnt come in the boat.

i had spent some time looking at the mapping and marked several places i wanted to look at for off shore fish. took off down the lake and dont think i made a cast for almost 2hrs, just riding and looking. finally found a little hump that had a few fish on it. caught a keeper largermouth fairly quick on a spoon and then nothing.

got my times mixed up, ran back to ramp only to find out i had another hour.

ran out and fished the i-24 bridge columns going across but only caught a drum.

ran back to the little hump and finally got another bite but this time on the ned. hadnt retied after getting it hung in the rocks around the bridge and broke off the fish….ugh!!!

ended with 7+ and in the middle of the pack, 16+ won