went up to fish the bfl, never been there, no practice and it showed. started the day with a flat on the way there. once the fishing got started i ran a couple of marinas looking for shad spawn, saw a few shad doing their thing but didnt get a bite. my coangler caught on short on a spinnerbait. moved off the marinas and fished down a bank with a jerkbait, caught a short smallie. moved out to a bridge and rolled some baits around to columns, had one knock a bait but didnt eat it. ran down the lake to the dam(like a 5minute run, small lake). fished down the face of the dam without love. moved out to a hump and drug a bait around but without a bite. moved over to steep main lake bank, fished down through there with a glide, no love. rounded the point into a pocket and picked up a twitch bait, had a good fish rise up out of a laydown but not eat it. threw a couple of  other baits at that fish but couldnt get it to eat. moved out to a couple of long points leading into spawning areas and drug a c-rig and ned around but still no love. finished out the day fishing windblown main channel banks with a glide and swim jig but still no love. tough day of fishing for me.