fished most of the day, testing a new battery and trying to burn it down. picked up Collin relatively early in the morning. caught several on a lipless in the back of a pocket but they were smaller, non keepers.

kept moving and covering water with trolling motor on high, fished a bunch of bluffs, caught a few on a cb around the bluffs where there was current break.

flipped/fished some grass out on the main channel but no takers.

PCM on battery kicked off at 130ish, hooked up my Stealth charge on the run system and started riding around and looking, after 20mins the battery was back to useable. rode some more. stopped on one more bluff and caught one more on a cb. rode back down the lake looking at some more stuff, putting the boat on the trailer @3pm and battery up to 36v.

was a good day of testing, fishing and spending time with my son Collin.