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040923 Norris

went up to look around, never been before.  caught a few on a magdraft. caught a few flipping laydowns and a couple of better fish on a wake bait. all in all not a bad first trip there. oh and one striper tha was fun for about 10 seconds

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040723 chick

went out with Collin for a couple of hours after work. started with a smallie that thrashed a glide bait near the end of a laydown. then caught a few small flipping a creature bait around docks. Collin had one boil all over his topwater but not eat it.

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040323 chick

fished the first monday evening derb with Tom. we ran around trying different stuff and finally landed on a shellbed with some fish. managed to catch a few on lipless baits. had a 3 fish limit for almost 9lbs and one almost 5lbs and ended up in 4th place. took 12 to win.

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040123 cff@ chick

i got to ride/drive around with Mike in his 22' BassCat all day and was thankful to be in that big ole boat on the way back to the most exposed ramp on the lake. we ran around, looked and fished a bunch of different stuff. ended up catching one 4+ on a glide and one on a prototype from TrueSouth Custom Lures, both came off stumps. we had a couple of others that didnt come in the boat. ended up in 4th with just 2 fish.

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Mar 17-20 Chick

had a friend come down from Champlain for a weekend of fishing and we had a good time. ran around fishing shellbeds and isolated brush/wood and grass beds with either a lipless or a prototype bait from TrueSouth Custom Lures(watch for it this summer!) bitter cold snap this weekend hurt the fishing some but we managed. 8+ chick stud March 2023

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031123 ABA @ chick

decided to go up river for this one and managed to get into a back water pond and settled in to fish. caught fish on a variety of baits(lipless, hair jig, swimbait, ned, shakeyhead)around the deepest water available in the pond. left early as i saw the water going out of the pond as i was going in, took an hour to get out as i got hung up in a couple of places. managed the win with 23+lbs  

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Mar 1-4 ABA Top 150 Chick

after a couple of days on practice, the first day of competition was cancelled due to weather........UGH!!!!! so only got one day of fishing. ran down the lake to fish shellbeds and it just wasnt my day, every one of them was covered up or i just couldnt get a bite. around 1100 i decided to go up river but never made it. my lower unit failed and i trolled from the main channel to the sale creek boat ramp and didnt weigh the 2 keepers i had.

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012123 ABT100 @ Wedowee

spent a couple of days practicing and fish could be caught running the banks with a red crankbait, was better if you hit wood with it, lots of smaller fish. committed to fishing more isolated cover with deep water close by to try and target bigger fish.  first stop Brian caught a couple on a worm on a drop off we were fishing near. ran to the next place, i caught one good largemouth and a decent spot on a crankbait and Brian caught another. running to another area we stopped on an isolated tree and i caught another good largemouth on a spinnerbait. fished through another area, flipping and cranking shallower timber with no love. ran back to stop #2 and i caught our biggest fish(7lber) on the spinnerbait and culled a little spot. ended up with the win and 20+lbs 20+lbs from Wedowee

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021123 bfl@ chick

fished the bfl, started off running some shellbeds but didnt get any cooperation. stopped short on one shellbed(ther was a boat fishing it) and fired a swimbait across the mouth of a slough and caught a 9+ around 0830. ran around some more trying to reproduce that idea, nothing. ended up down the lake around some grass tha had produced some fish. finally around 1030 i caught another on a lipless. milled around in that grass for a couple of hours managing to get 2 more solid fish on the lipless. ran into dallas bay to scratch out another keeper to make #5. spent the rest of the day working my way back up the lake trying to catch a BIG but it just didnt happen. ended the day with 24+ and the win.

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04-07May2022 Guntersville

fished the ABA Solo Series. spent each morning running topwater on riprap and caught them decent each morning. spent the rest of my time throughout the day idling/graphing ledges and humps. found a couple of schools. friday, first day of the tournament was brutally windy. took 12mins in the morning to get down the lake and an hour to get back to goosepond. couldnt really fish the schools as the wind made it practically impossible. had 4 fish from the topwater bite and culled a couple from the short period time i was able to fish deep. endedd the day with 13 and some change in 30th place   saturday, got a couple from topwater and ran around trying to get a some deep fish going. had one guy camped on the best school i had found, stayed there all day. finally at 2pm i got on a little place i had marked some fish, had 2 in the boat at 2pm when i pulled up. ended up catching several including a 5lber with 10mins of fishing to go on a crankbait. ended with 14+ and ended up 34th and less than a pound out of a check. LOADED!

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