The “Sound” Difference

Earlier this summer I had a guide trip with a gentleman; we started out running some topwater baits around and caught a couple but I was anxious to get to some deep fish that I had found the day before. I got to the deep fish, set up and made a pull across the hump and we each caught a fish. I made 3 more pulls across the hump and each time he caught a fish but I did not, the fact that I wasn’t getting bit wasn’t that big of deal to me as the day was really about him catching fish but it got me thinking. I had rigged his rod with a silent/non-rattling crankbait and I had a crankbait with a rattle in it, both the same color pattern. So, I took a moment to experiment and rigged another silent crankbait on my rod and we made another pull across the hump. For 3 ½ hours we went back and forth across that hump catching at least one; had a couple of doubles on the same bait and more instances than I could count where we each caught a fish at the same time. Also this summer I found a deal on Hydrowave unit and have been using it regularly. For those unaware of the Hydrowave, it’s an electronic device that plays sounds of bait fish during various situations through a speaker mounted on your trolling motor. Since installing the unit I have seen many instances where I would be fishing offshore and the bait would rise to the surface and begin moving around (when I didn’t see any bait on the surface when I first pulled up). I have seen fish [...]