050823 chick

fished the monday evening derb out of chester frost, looked at a few places on the way down from soddy, no real groups of fish, just scattered here and there.   startedon the swimming pool hole but got no love, jumped over to a point that had some scattered fish on it but still no love. went to a ledge that also had some scattered fish but had a TON of bait around. first cast i caught a 4+ on a spoon. beat around for a while without any love, repostioned the boat and caught a couple of little ones on a spinnerbait. put the boat back where i started and caught another 4+ and lost one that felt pretty good shortly after. and that was it. ended up with 9.20 for 2 fish for 2nd place and big fish. 9.30 won! side note, found a 6-8 white perch in my livewell afterwards that was spit up by one of those fish, wouldve won the tournament for me................smh

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041723 chick

fished the monday night derby(6-9pm), ran around a little before looking for fish, saw a few scattered on a couple of places. ran tot eh first and couldnt get a bite, ran 2 the second place and caught the 3 we weighed on moving baits, tried other stuff but couldnt get bit. kept moving, went up shallow getting close to dark and caught a couple of shorts. with 15mins to go i hooked one over 5lbs on a chatterbait and lost her at the boat......ugh! that would have given us the win and big fish. oh well. took 8+ to win and 3.94 was big fish(congrats Eric).

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Mar 1-4 ABA Top 150 Chick

after a couple of days on practice, the first day of competition was cancelled due to weather........UGH!!!!! so only got one day of fishing. ran down the lake to fish shellbeds and it just wasnt my day, every one of them was covered up or i just couldnt get a bite. around 1100 i decided to go up river but never made it. my lower unit failed and i trolled from the main channel to the sale creek boat ramp and didnt weigh the 2 keepers i had.

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021123 Lake Chickamauga, TN

fished the BFL. started the day fishing some shellbeds but that didnt pay off. caught my biggest fish, a 9+ throwing across the mouth of a creek with a prototype lure from TrueSouth Custom Lures with a swimbait trailer around 830. didnt catch another fish for a couple of hours, it was down the lake in a shallow grass patch, it came on a red one knocker lipless bait. milled around inthat area for a couple of hours, finally catching 2 more on the same bait.ran into Dallas bay to finally scratch out my 5th fish on the same bait but in a shad pattern. spent the rest of the day running around trying to catch another giant but it didnt work out. did get the win with 24+lbs

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012123 Lake Wedowee, AL

fished the ABT100 tournament and pulled off the win with just over 20lbs and had big fish with a 7+. fished isolated cover and structure adjacent to deep water with "The Roller" spiinerbait from TrueSouth Custom Lures and a crankbait(Chick Magnet). this lake has a lot of standing timber but the key for us was finding stuff away from all of that, isolated targets produced the better fish. trophies and check from ABT 100 20+lbs from Wedowee

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