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04-07May2022 Guntersville

fished the ABA Solo Series. spent each morning running topwater on riprap and caught them decent each morning. spent the rest of my time throughout the day idling/graphing ledges and humps. found a couple of schools. friday, first day of the tournament was brutally windy. took 12mins in the morning to get down the lake and an hour to get back to goosepond. couldnt really fish the schools as the wind made it practically impossible. had 4 fish from the topwater bite and culled a couple from the short period time i was able to fish deep. endedd the day with 13 and some change in 30th place   saturday, got a couple from topwater and ran around trying to get a some deep fish going. had one guy camped on the best school i had found, stayed there all day. finally at 2pm i got on a little place i had marked some fish, had 2 in the boat at 2pm when i pulled up. ended up catching several including a 5lber with 10mins of fishing to go on a crankbait. ended with 14+ and ended up 34th and less than a pound out of a check. LOADED!

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April 2-9 Lake Eufaula, AL

went down to fish the Ray Scott National Championship   saturday: started practice going to the back of a major creek and fishing a backwater pond, caught one short fish flipping, spent that afternoon out on a flat finding and fishing isolated wood and brushpiles. got a few bites and marked some piles. sunday: fished main/mid  lake on the second day of practice, tried some shallow grass and fished into some spawning areas without a bite. moved back out onto another flat, marked some more isolated piles and got a few bites. monday: went down lake, on some rip rap with a buzzbait and swimming a jig but only got 2 bites, ran further down lake started in some water willow, got several bites and a couple of good fish on a swim jig. spent the rest of the afternoon out fishing and finding piles. tuesday: last day of practice, started down lake again on some different grass but no bites, spent the rest of the day marking piles. wednesday: first day of tournament, ran down the lake and started in the water willow i got bit so well in on monday, water had come up almost 1 foot since then. water willow was under water, managed one fish. the wind was blowing and made the flats where i had found piles unfishable. caught 2more and weighed just under 7lbs. thursdday: went back to the water willow again but only got one more fish. spent the rest of the day trying to fish piles. caught 2 good fish from the same pile and ended up with almost 8lbs. wind blew hard and mad the east side of the lake unfishable. made the cut, top half [...]

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031422 chick

fished the first monday evening tournament out of chester frost, 25 or so boats showed and 10lbs won. i had one about 3 and 1 little smallie. started on some shell beds then started jumping windy points. caught the one largemouth on a spinnerbait on a windy point. fished a bunch of other stuff to finally catch the little smallie on a pro shimmy jig right around dark.

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031122 chick

got out friday to check some stuff out hoping to find a tournament to fish on saturday since the aba that i was planning to fish got cancelled. didnt get on the water til about 1030 and was off the water by 230 due to mechanical issues. and really didnt find anything to go on, guess its a good thing i didnt find a tournament for saturday since i didnt get a bite.

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03/02-05/22 lake eufaula al

went down to fish the first aba solo series of the year. went up the river and fished backwaters the first day of practice, got a few bites flipping around but VERY crowded. went down the lake on second and last day of practice, fished shallow till 1230 and caught a couple. 1230 i started fishing off shore brushpiles, points and drops and caught em pretty good and felt like i had a pattern that i could reproduce. day1 of tournament, run down the lake and start on a place, caught a limit pretty quick and worked it over pretty hard with almost every bait you can think of and caught fish on just about all of them, problem was the size! started running the pattern i thought i had figured out and mixing in some shallow flipping. ended up culling several of the smaller spots for largies flipping and never got another bite deep. ended up with almost 9lbs. day2, decided to gamble a little and throw a buzzbait around some, caught one about 3lbs but that was it. started running around flipping some but got no love, ran back down to the best deep drop i had found and finished out a limit with small spots. spent the rest of the day flipping cover  and mixing in a few deep places trying to upgrade but never did. ended the day with 8lbs and a 54th place finish out of 140, not good!! eufaula is NOT the big bass capital of the world anymore, that place is in TROUBLE!!! with the exception of 2 every largemouth i caught(and i caught a bunch) were little and skinny.

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022622 chick

well the water is WAY up! got out to run the boat and fished some. with the water up i ran around flipping shallow cover. got 3-4 bites in the time that i fished. caught one, missed one and broke one off(dummy move, slack line hook set 10' from the boat with braid.....smh). the one i caught was good one 7+ and the one i broke off felt heavy too

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021922 chick

fished the heartland tourney with Gray(subbed for Brian). ran a couple of shellbeds early but no love. caught first keeper on a cb on a rocky point. ran to the patch of grass that produced in the last tournament and they were still there. finished out a limit and culled a couple, all with lipless cb. tried other baits but couldnt get a bite. ran to fish some dirty water and could just not get a bite. spent the last 2hrs fishing around hbsp with a  dead cranking battery. ended up 3rd with 14.75lbs. took 19 to win.

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020522 chick

fished the heartland tournament with Brian, started the day jumping some shell beds and rocks with lipless and cb, stayed after that for a while but no love. 1100ish we didnt have a fish and changed areas and fished some grass, typical grass fish all bunched up in one 50yd stretch. we caught 8-10 out of that one stretch and then it died. started running some more grass and did manage one more cull from the grass. water temps 41-43 in those areas. decided to try some dirty water and wood for a big bite. the area had really good color to it and water temp was 49. only had about 45 mins and hit the high points of wood and rock with a cb and spinnerbait but no love. ended up with 14.9 and good for second

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fished the heartland tournament with Brian, started on a long secondary point with grass and shells, after about 20 minutes we vacated to a short creek channel point and caught a limit on lipless cb in about 20mins. after about 20mins without a bite we tried another point and my motor blew. limped around the rest of the day fishing everything that looked good between us and the ramp/weigh in. caught one more(a pot) on the lipless and 2 (lm and a smallie) on a cb on rocky shoreline, one of which culled for us.  ended up with 16+ for 5th place and got our money back ;)  took 24 or 25lbs to win and 10+ was big fish. really wish we could have run around and fished like we wanted to, i really think we could have improved our bag. oh well, mechanical stuff breaks!!

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