fished the heartland tournament with Brian, started on a long secondary point with grass and shells, after about 20 minutes we vacated to a short creek channel point and caught a limit on lipless cb in about 20mins. after about 20mins without a bite we tried another point and my motor blew. limped around the rest of the day fishing everything that looked good between us and the ramp/weigh in. caught one more(a pot) on the lipless and 2 (lm and a smallie) on a cb on rocky shoreline, one of which culled for us.  ended up with 16+ for 5th place and got our money back ;)  took 24 or 25lbs to win and 10+ was big fish. really wish we could have run around and fished like we wanted to, i really think we could have improved our bag. oh well, mechanical stuff breaks!!

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010222 chick

went out for a couple of hours, started in the pocket where i had caught several on friday but only caught one short. decided since the water had risen almost 2 feet and had some color to go flip wood. stopped on the bridge on my way back into soddy and caught the only keeper swimming a jig on the rocks. then flipped every piece of wood cover on the bank for the next mile or so with only one short fish to show for it. put the boat on the trailer around noon.

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01012022 chick

fished the new years day frostbite tournament to start the year off right(8am-2pm). ran into wolfteever to fish some off colored water, caught one about 3 1/2lbs out of a tree on a bluff bank pretty quick on a cb. fished my way back to the split a with only one other short fish, tried a different cb and a couple of different spinnerbaits. left out of wolfteever about 1045 and stopped on a big windblown point with a shellbed, caught one about 4lbs on a lipless cb. started working my way up the lake fishing more points with shellbeds hoping to establish a pattern, had 2 or 3 other fish slap the bait but not eat it and didnt catch another fish. i was up the lake a bit and decided not to go back to weigh in @ chester frost.......DUMB!!!! to 14lbs to win but only 5lbs for second..............ugh!!!!

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123121 Chick

fished most of the day, testing a new battery and trying to burn it down. picked up Collin relatively early in the morning. caught several on a lipless in the back of a pocket but they were smaller, non keepers. kept moving and covering water with trolling motor on high, fished a bunch of bluffs, caught a few on a cb around the bluffs where there was current break. flipped/fished some grass out on the main channel but no takers. PCM on battery kicked off at 130ish, hooked up my Stealth charge on the run system and started riding around and looking, after 20mins the battery was back to useable. rode some more. stopped on one more bluff and caught one more on a cb. rode back down the lake looking at some more stuff, putting the boat on the trailer @3pm and battery up to 36v. was a good day of testing, fishing and spending time with my son Collin.

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122521 chickamauga

fished til about 2, ran around early throwing a spinnerbait on windy grass lines and edges, no love. worked my around some grass in pockets with a lipless and swimbait, still couldnt get a bite. ran down the lake, saw birds working pretty hard in a couple of pockets, made a pass with the a-rig but no takers despite seeing fish and bait all over the sonar. took a ride through wolfteever, didnt make a  cast, just passing through looking at water color. made a pass through a couple more pockets with grass with the lipless without a bite. went into dallas bay and fished around in the back but still didnt get a bite. so all in all, probably serves me right for fishing on christmas but i needed some time on the water even if my head wasnt really in it.

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122421 Chickamauga

got out for a bit in the morning before picking Collin up. slid a jig around some docks but no love. threw a glide bait around a bit on some bluff style banks, still no love. resorted to the lipless in some different areas and still couldnt get a bite.

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121921 Chickamauga

fished til about 1230, was under dressed and the north wind was chilly! managed to catch a fat 13" spotted bass on the first point on an a-rig. started hopping around on other points and caught several largemouth and one really aggressive crappie. caught most on a lipless cb and one lm and the crappie on a dark sleeper, hopped off the bottom. seemed to be on short shallow points with a good break near by. best 5 about 17-18lbs

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121821 Chickamauga

got out for a few hours in the afternoon with Collin, ran around fishing some shallow grass with a lipless cb. finally got one to eat a pro shimmy jig around some grass and that was it. tough afternoon for me water temp in the low to mid 50's

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12Dec21 Lake Norman

went up to norman to fish the winter trail with David, started the day running the old stuff down in ramsey creek but it was pretty much dead with the exception  of what seemed like a pretty good fish hooked and lost by David on a jerkbait. tried skipping a jig around a little without any love. started running some brushpiles but couldnt get it going either. hit a few more docks which David caught our first keeper spot on a worm at 1pm. ran around a bunch more and ended up riding over what looked like an old road bed or creek channel edge that had some fish on it, caught 6 or 7, at 330 and end up with a limit for about 8lbs.

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11Dec21 Lake Wylie

came back to wylie to fish with David Winters. spent the day fishing primarily for suspended fish with a-rigs, jerkbaits and single small swimbaits  or grubs. between the 2 of us we caught 8 or 9 fish with a couple of shorts with a late in the day 4+lbr by David. ended up with 10+lbs good for 3rd and 2nd big fish. took 14 to win with a 5.6 big fish.   water temps in the mid-low 50's and typical water clarity for wylie

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